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Leeden Hercules recognizes the importance of internal management of company and conducts a seminar to educate it’s staff on improving the management structure, performance and attitude in today’s competitive business industry. The morning of 24th February 2015 saw over 36 of Leeden Hercules’s staff congregate for an internal seminar on effective management structure. Attendees included staff from Leeden Hercules, as well as the various divisions and offices in the Leeden Hercules Sdn Bhd.

Held at the Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel in the Hatyai, the seminar was organised with the purposes of equipped Leeden staff with the positive mentality on job performance and improving attitude on operating current job position. The seminar commenced by Mr. Cheang Fook Sam and Mr. Peter Cheang, General Manager of Leeden Hercules Sdn Bhd and Deputy General Manager of Leeden Hercules, giving an opening address on the precedence of effective job performance within the company. The seminar was covered broad topics on job performance such as the structure of an effective management and how to improve job performance. In addition the seminar also served to highlight issues with current job performance and sought to inform attendees of the pitfalls of these performance exercise.

The seminar concluded with a discussion panel, allowing attendees the opportunity to delve further into, as well as clarify queries that they had about the topics reviewed. The seminar was well-received by participants, providing valuable insight into the topics covered to all who attended Leeden Hercules Job Performance Seminar 2014.